Change your bathroom style an improvement after some planning along with a couple of small bathroom remodel ideas. Whether you are searching for bathroom renovation ideas that will help you improve your old one, begin with these inspiring ideas. Have a new beginning by studying a layout, remodeling a little bathroom to include storage, or changing fittings. If cost is an issue, try our budget updates to brighten your space without emptying your wallet.


Vanities are no longer the cookie cutter cabinet with a sink installed in Formica counter top like they used to be. Vanities can now be mounted to the wall, with glass tops and standing sinks. They can look like old world style dressers with granite tops and decorative mirrors. Vanities are rarely permanently installed cabinets anymore. Most have feet or legs that keep them up off of the floor. You may think that these nicer vanities are too expensive, but they are now being mass produced and some cost about the same as the regular old vanities used to!


Bathroom tile can give your bathroom more personality than just about anything else. Glass tiles, slate, marble and granite are luxurious options for tile that can last a lifetime. Add dimension by building up a step into the shower before you tile. Create a platform for your tub. Put tile on the walls of the shower and all the way to the ceiling. You can even tile the ceiling of the tub or shower for a closed-off, private room feel.

Faucets and Shower Heads

You can turn your bathroom from a regular place to shower into a spa that you can’t wait to escape to. High end faucets on your bath, shower and sink add beauty and value to your home. Add shower heads at different levels for an unmatched luxury. You can even add a shower head from the ceiling creating a rainfall effect. Removable shower heads with hoses make showering pets and clean-up a snap. Interesting shower heads add luxury and style to your shower. It will have you dreaming about it throughout the day.


To most people, a toilet is a toilet. But, if you look at pictures of high end bathrooms, you will notice that the toilet is often understated, out of sight or not pictured at all. Low profile toilets use less water and do not draw attention. Additionally, toilets without a detachable tank are very easy to clean and keep your bathroom smelling fresh. A slow close lid will keep the bathroom serene. Detachable seats also make cleaning a snap. The best news is that these types of toilets and lids are very inexpensive!

Bath Accessories

The bath accessories that you choose can be almost as important as the tile and vanity. The accessories can really set off the style of the room. You can add delicate, personal touches with the accessories without overdoing it. A simple vase, decorative soap dish or interesting towel rack can turn a nice bathroom into a gorgeous one.

Linen Closet

If you have enough room, you can trade your linen closet for a linen cabinet. There are a lot of stylish options that will look great in your new bathroom. Some are tall and slender, like a grandfather clock, and take up little space. Some are longer with low shelves and they double as a changing seat. By freeing up the linen closet, you can install a rod, get some nice wood hangers or coat hangers, and use the linen closet to steam your work clothes while you shower or hang your robe out of sight.

Other amazing small bathroom remodel ideas can be vintage light fittings, ancient items of barn wood for shelves, as well as old looking glass over the sink. Whenever you use something old rather than new things, you’re most likely saving cash and cutting your usage. Both are superb points!

Remember to provide back too. Any products you remove from your bathrooms could be contributed for your local Goodwill for the humanity restore.